Job Advert - Community Builder

10 Academy ( is a not-for-profit which identifies the highest potential recent university grads from Africa and gets them into global AI/Web3 jobs in 3-6 months. 10 Academy has been designed to scale across the continent and get thousands of brilliant people into work each year. 


Trainees are selected on the basis of their work ethic, bias to self-learn, communication skills and bias to build community. On average, we have 10 applicants for every spot on the program.


Training is a fully-online 12 week sprint, with trainees working together to solve end-to-end AI/W3 projects curated from industry. A custom AI-enhanced platform underpins the training, with career skills playing a major role.


90% of graduates get work within 12 months, with salaries 5xing on average; employer satisfaction is high. A majority of graduates are working remotely for companies based in every continent (except Antarctica).



We want to hire those that embody the same spirit of those that we want to train and place into work.


Work Ethic - We have a lot to get done, and we’re looking for people who like to work efficiently, effectively and who are willing to invest the time and energy required to do it well.


Fast to learn - We know where we’re going, and we all need to learn a lot to get there.  We want to hire people who can learn fast, and those that WANT to learn more.  It’s not always essential to go to first-principles, but it sometimes is important.


Ownership - We want people that can own their work from A-Z.  We are looking for team that sees a deliverable presentation as not waiting for feedback on whether their work was good or not, but rather an opportunity to share progress, integrate new ideas and to drive the team ahead.


Excellence - We want to make the seen and the unseen parts of work done well.  We aim for impact at scale, and want excellence baked into all aspects of our work.  We do not want people to submit something and to wait to be told what to improve.


Bias-to-Action - When not sure what to do, take action and talk to the rest of the team.  There is almost always some action that can be taken.


Community - We want your joining our team to make 10 Academy into a better organisation.



In this role, we’re looking for an outgoing network builder, able to make themselves into the seed node for our 150 person (and growing) network of alumni, from 19 countries across Africa.  From this seed, your role is to build the network of alumni into a community showcasing trust, engagement, growth and excellence.


  • Community building

    • Establishing strong (virtual) linkages between community members

    • Holding virtual and (where possible) in-person events

    • Opportunity sharing


  • Network building

    • Building networks between batches

    • Building networks between the 10 Academy alumni community and other related networks

    • Establishing peer mentoring networks

    • Developing in-person events among the 10 Academy community

  • Amplification

    • Working with the branding team to highlight stories worth sharing



  • Excellent communication skills (oral + written)

  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, ambitious

  • Experience in community development (remote, in-person or both), with shareable evidence

  • Experience in dealing with people in the 23-30 age bracket

  • Outgoing, personable and interested in people and their stories



  • Experience in the technology ecosystem (Web2, AI, Web3)

  • Experience in the higher education sector

  • Based in Addis Ababa or Nairobi

  • Experience in establishing mentoring networks





Location: Anywhere, expected to work in the GMT time window.


Start date ASAP


To Apply and Contact

Email with subject ‘Community Builder’, a CV and a few lines on why you want to join us.


For more information, contact