DSTI signed an MoU with 10 Academy to
implement the 4IR for All Project

DSTI signed an MoU with 10 Academy to implement the 4IR for All Project

The Government of Sierra Leone via the Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI),
has signed an MoU with a not-for-profit community-owned initiative, 10 Academy to implement the
4IR for All (4IR4A) project.
The 4IR for All project, led by 10 Academy, will be a coalition of African universities and TVET
institutions, global industry, individual young Africans, and governmental agencies working together
to reach its goals. 4IR4A will link higher African education institutions and create a platform to train
and inspire all interested young Africans to get skills for the 4th IR, starting with data science and
growing to include other fields including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI),
robotics, bio-engineering, blockchain, quantum computing and others.
This is in line with the Government of Sierra Leone’s interventions in digital learning as a response
to the COVID interruptions. Those e-learning initiatives have been rolled out to support remote
learning in schools and universities as well as provide opportunities to upscale and prepare the
current workforce to acquire the requisite skillsets for roles during and post-COVID. Other activities
have included the launch of the first African Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative which offered
every Sierra Leonean the opportunity to learn and earn a certification in over 4000 courses across
400 specializations in in-demand and industry-ready skills. In November 2020, DSTI also launched
the Digital Foundation for Public Service Program in partnership with EDACY which provided an
opportunity for 250 employees in the public sector to acquire digital skills and mindsets.

The 4IR4A includes three key activities:

The project will provide: