Hire a top 4% Machine Learning Engineer;
Low-cost, no-risk.

From a pan-African pool of undergrads, we select the top 4% of applicants, intensively prepared for global ML careers. 40% women. 100% BIPOC. 100% not-for-profit.  Our internship program provides a no-risk no-admin 3 month talent trial.

Hire a low-cost no-risk internBrowse Talent

Job ready for your Machine Learning role

Trained and tested on 17 competencies and 400 skills, aspects of knowledge, ideas and attitudes.

Top 4%

Top 4% of applicants selected from a pan-African talent pool, intensively selected based on speed of learning and long-term potential.

Data-driven hiring

Hire based on 700 hours of training progress (not just a 1 day interview)

40% women

At least 40% of our graduates are women.  Less than 15% of industry roles are held by women today.

100% BIPOC

100% of our graduates are African, bringing essential diversity of perspective. Less than 5% of industry roles are held by BIPOC today.

Not for profit

Hire from 10 Academy and you'll support training of other exceptional young talents from Africa, at no additional cost to you.

Hire a low-cost no-risk internBrowse Talent

Two ways to hire

Hire Directly

Browse our talent and interview and hire directly. No hiring fees. 10 Academy's team is there to support you as needed.

No-Risk Interns

Hire an intern for 3 months for $3kUS - we take care of payroll for you for the whole period. You choose your intern and if it doesn't work out, we'll refund you on a pro-rated basis.

Employer Testimonials

It’s been enriching to have a 10 Academy graduate on board working with me on a start up. Beyond her obvious readiness for work, I’ve been particularly impressed by her initiative, creativity and approach to problem solving. In a start up context with lots of moving parts, she has demonstrated adaptability, with strong communication, analytical and team work skills.  I would recommend hiring from 10 Academy to others strongly and without hesitation.

Prof. Tolu Oni
Principal, Urban Better

10 Academy has helped us develop an exceptional Data Science team from scratch. The calibre of candidates has been phenomenal and not only enhanced our technical ability but also our company culture. I would absolutely recommend hiring from 10 Academy to others.

Dr. Jacques Kotze
President and co-Founder, Adludio

Our 10 Academy graduate jumped immediately into wrestling with complex research questions without hesitation. From day one, her work has been useful in moving our research project forward.  Her ability to absorb and teach herself information independently is a great asset that enabled her to quickly start producing useful work in a domain that was new for her.  Based on this graduate's high potential, deep work ethic, and high quality work,  I would highly recommend 10 Academy graduates to other employers.

Laura Stupin
Data Science Manager, PivotBio