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Hire an exceptional junior AI/Web3 engineer

10 Academy makes hiring AI/Web3 engineers simple: Choose from our pool of job-ready talent, selected from a pool of exceptional recent university graduates from across Africa, trained with the full suite of technical and professional skills needed to join your team remotely.  No hiring fees, 40% women and 100% BIPOC.


High Impact

Our vision is that the most motivated young Africans can get high-impact jobs.  

Our system allows the hardest working, fastest learning and most supportive to the community to transform their futures and those around them.

We have at least 40% women and 100% BIPOC graduates.


Highly selective over 750 hours of training and evaluation

Students complete end-to-end cases in:

-Credit scoring
-Churn prediction
-A/B testing
-Natural language processing
-KPI optimization

Job ready for your Machine Learning role

Trained and tested on 17 competencies and 400 skills, aspects of knowledge, ideas and attitudes.


50 exceptional graduates

We select 50 exceptional graduates from thousands of applicants in our pan-African talent pool, intensively selected over 750 hours based on work ethic, speed of learning and community contribution.

Data-driven hiring

Hire based on 750 hours of training progress (not just a 1-day interview).

40% women

Hire based on 750 hours of training progress (not just a

1-day interview).

100% BIPOC

100% of our graduates are African, bringing essential diversity of perspective. Less than 5% of industry roles are held by BIPOC today.

Not for profit

Hire from 10 Academy and you'll support the training of other exceptional young talents from Africa, at no additional cost to you.

Typical roles

10 Academy graduates are job-ready, and can show their competency in the following roles

Machine Learning
  • Deep learning model development and maintenance

  • Machine learning model development and maintenance

  • CV, DL and NLP applications

  • A/B testing

  • Exploratory data analysis

  • Web programming

  • SQL

  • Python

  • Dbt

  • Kafka

  • Airflow

  • Postgres

  • MySQL

  • CircleCI/Jenkins

  • dvc

  • AWS

Data Engineers
  • ETL/ELT pipeline maintenance and development

  • Data warehouse maintenance and building

  • Analytics engineering

  • Data pipeline development

Web3 Engineers
  • Ethereum development

  • dApp development

  • Use cases in DeFi, NFTs and others

Data Engineers

Hire Directly

Browse our talent and interview and hire directly. No hiring fees. 10 Academy's team is there to support you as needed.

Hiring talent from 10 Academy is simple 

simply send us a message to and we will revert back within 48 hours with a set of profiles that match your needs.


10 Academy charges no hiring fees.  Companies that are able are asked to make a tax-deductible donation to enable our training work to grow.


By hiring a 10 Academy graduate, you have impact at four levels.

Individual level

Our thesis is that our talent pool is comprised of some of the highest potential youth from across the continent.  By enabling them to get their first job, they embark on a career journey which unlocks their potential and unleashes economic value for them and also their families.  Our 2022 estimates show that every single person hired by a 10 Academy hiring partner creates an additional $400kUS in additional economic value over the working lifetime of the person being hired.

Continental level

10 Academy graduates are selected, in part, for their willingness and ability to contribute back to their communities; most 10 Academy graduates mentoring others around them, using their work experience skills.  Working in industry is the fastest way to gain skills and experience, and learn how AI/Web3 can be deployed for economic and social impact.  Once ready, most 10 Academy graduates will lead AI/Web3 deployments in their home countries, dramatically increasing employment as well as economic, social and environmental returns.

10 Academy level

As a not-for-profit, we invest into each trainee and collect our return once trainees are placed into work.  By hiring a graduate, you enable that graduate to pay-forward the cost of their training to enable future trainees to benefit, just as they did.

Hiring company level

Our graduates are 100% BIPOC and 40% women.  By hiring diverse viewpoints and voices, you will improve the quality of your community, your team and take meaningful action to reach your social goals.

Selected Employers

10 Academy alumni are working globally.

10 Academy - B6 - student application materials updated-04_edited.jpg

What is 10 Academy

10 Academy is a not-for-profit community-owned initiative that has developed scalable, financially sustainable, and effective training programs to place young Africans into careers for the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are a US 501(c)(3) registered charity.

Key aspects of our intensive training

Junior talent that
generates immediate value

10 Academy graduates have a full suite of technical skills, are experienced with industry-standard tools and typical use cases.

Hungry to contribute and grow

Graduates prove their hunger over months of testing and contributions, and learn how to self-learn, ask questions and be curious.

Image by Scott Graham

A high-resolution view of competencies

Our custom learning OS ensures graduates have the full suite of skills, each proven over multiple iterations over months of training and self-learning


Remote ready for global roles

Graduates are ready for remote roles globally, experienced with tools including Slack, Trello and ready to overlap with your team.  Full B2B outsourcing available.

Community rich

Graduates learn how to enrich a community, support and be supported by others and to understand how to win together.

P1020262 (1).JPG

Don't worry about churn

95% of graduates stay in their first roles for at least 12 months.  Most progress to their next role within the same organization.


Jumpstart a career to help change the world

Helping an exceptional young person get their first AI or Web3 job will create an extra $400kUS in lifetime earnings and create an estimated 100+ lifetime jobs.

Hire new voices

Graduates are 40% women and 100% BIPOC.  Hire exceptional people and help to generate new perspectives for your team.

Employer Testimonals

It’s been enriching to have a 10 Academy graduate on board working with me on a start up. Beyond her obvious readiness for work, I’ve been particularly impressed by her initiative, creativity and approach to problem solving. In a start up context with lots of moving parts, she has demonstrated adaptability, with strong communication, analytical and team work skills.  I would recommend hiring from 10 Academy to others strongly and without hesitation.


Prof. Tolu Oni

Principal, Urban Better

10 Academy has helped us develop an exceptional Data Science team from scratch. The calibre of candidates has been phenomenal and not only enhanced our technical ability but also our company culture. I would absolutely recommend hiring from 10 Academy to others.


Dr. Jacques Kotze

President and co-Founder, Adludio

Our 10 Academy graduate jumped immediately into wrestling with complex research questions without hesitation. From day one, her work has been useful in moving our research project forward.  Her ability to absorb and teach herself information independently is a great asset that enabled her to quickly start producing useful work in a domain that was new for her.  Based on this graduate's high potential, deep work ethic, and high-quality work,  I would highly recommend 10 Academy graduates to other employers.


Laura Stupin

Data Science Manager, PivotBio


Do I need to pay 10 Academy anything to hire?

There are no hiring fees with 10 Academy. If willing, your company can make a voluntary contribution of 500 USD to 10 Academy.

If I sign up for an interview, must I hire?

Interviews with 10 Academy are obligation free, so you are not required to go through the hiring process after interviewing.

What happens if I’m not happy with my hire from 10 Academy?

Talk to us. We have years of experience in helping to integrate 10 Academy graduates into new teams. In most cases, we are able to make job placements work well. In the event that it really doesn’t work, we will work with you to find better-fitting trainees.

Do I have to pay moving costs?

We recommend remote work.

Will trainees work from offices?

We recommend that employers provide a monthly budget to enable trainees to work from a serviced office space with internet and electricity backup. These are widely available in all cities where 10 Academy graduates are working.

Can I get help with the contracting and payroll process?

We have partners that can provide full B2B outsourcing.

What does the hiring process look like?

Once you submit a form with your information and needs, we will reach out shortly with at least 3 fitting profiles. If satisfied with your matches, you can start interviewing your selected trainees. From here, you can choose to hire a 10 Academy graduate!

Do your trainees have university degrees?

95% of our graduates are university graduates. 10 Academy prioritises individuals that have recently completed their undergraduate degrees and we offer a small number of positions to those without an undergraduate degree.

How do I know how skilled the trainees are?

All trainees have a detailed profile that is available to view, including GitHub source code.

What if I don’t like the profiles you sent me?

10 Academy is committed to providing you with the best possible profiles for your specific hiring needs. If you are not satisfied with your matches, we are more than happy to send you profiles that will better suit your interests.

When can I hire?

The current batch of trainees can begin interviewing on July 1st, 2022 and can begin working as soon as August 1st, 2022.

What if I’m not looking to hire right now?

Not a problem. Simply fill out the hiring form on our website and we will add you to our mailing list. You can reach out with your updated hiring needs at any time. Link to form:

How are interviews scheduled?

Interviews can be scheduled directly with the selected trainee or with the help of 10 Academy.

Can 10 Academy assist in the onboarding process?

Absolutely–10 Academy provides a detailed onboarding document to all companies that hire our graduates. Additionally, we will check in with you at the 1-month and 3-month marks to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

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