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Find the talent that you need for your data science roles.  No hiring fees, no obligation to hire.

10 Academy’s graduates are young, high-potential and skilled data scientists, each with an undergraduate degree and vetted over 700 hours of training.  Each is ready for remote work and has distinguished themselves in the top 5% of applicants.



-Transforming data into meaningful and impactful analysis

-Defining financial and analytical metrics (KPIs)

-Developing dashboards, reports and visualizations

Machine Learning

-Customer path analysis and predictive modeling to understand customer journey and customer behaviors

-Designing and evaluating A/B tests and product feature experiments to influence product strategy

-Building models to better understand the value and churn behavior of users

-Improving customer acquisition efficiency through improved data driven revenue prediction models

-Understanding user behaviors, and long-term trends, including of the ecosystem. 

-Identifying key product and marketing levers for user growth and systematically test, optimize, and establish value for each.

Data Science (junior)

-Full end-to-end CRISP-DM process

ML DevOps

Modes of Hiring


-Interns (paid only)

-Managed outsourcing


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