10 Academy partners with Algorand to help build Africa’s Web3 workforce


Replit (YC18) aiming to bring the next billion developers online, selects 10 Academy to join its 2nd Venture program

10 Academy Batch 6 Graduated



After 12 weeks of hard work, learning and unlearning, 32 trainees from 10 Academy's Batch 6 have successfully completed their Machine Learning, Data and Web3 engineering training.


We celebrated their accomplishments with a memorable graduation ceremony on 17 Nov 2022!

Graduation Trailer

10 Academy 2021 Annual Report



This Annual Report highlights some of 10 Academy’s inspiring stories and the success that 10 Academy has had in building Africa’s workforce in key areas of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are thankful to everyone who has supported us throughout this journey, and for the continued support for 10 Academy.


 We are looking to grow our team



In this role, we’re looking for an outgoing network builder, able to make themselves into the seed node for our 150 person (and growing) network of alumni, from 19 countries across Africa.  From this seed, your role is to build the network of alumni into a community showcasing trust, engagement, growth and excellence.


We are looking to grow our team


In this role, we’re looking for someone that is able to craft and execute a plan to increase the externally accessible surface area of our work.  Working together with the co-founders, you will have an unusually large impact by establishing our brand, building new partnerships and helping to change the narrative around the capabilities of recent university graduates from Africa in AI/Web3 and further fields.


We are looking to grow our team

In this role, we’re looking for someone that is able to distil the essence of a story and put it into words, suitable for sharing with different audiences around the world.  Stories will include those of individuals, as well as entire cohorts.  Understanding and being able to showcase the essence of the struggle (and success) will be key in this role.


We are looking to grow our team

This position is responsible for supporting 10 Academy trainees in getting their first global level job.  This includes supporting the preparation of careers materials. The expert will guide trainees in getting job placements, ensuring they are ready for interviews, application materials are up to date & ready to apply and are busy with activities to ensure job offers.