Training Outputs

Trainees will gain the skills, ideas and knowledge to make them job-ready for data science. By the end of the training, trainees will be competent in the following 13 areas:

-Python programming

-SQL programming


-Data acquisition and cleaning

-Exploratory Data Analysis

-Data analysis and value extraction – Descriptive

-Data analysis and value extraction – Diagnostic

-Data analysis and value extraction – Predictive

-Data visualization

-Launching and maintaining a production environment

-Using data science to answer business questions

-Launching your career

-Being a 10x contributor


10 Academy targets recent university graduates from Africa.

Trainees will be expected to have access to a laptop with an internet connection solid enough to facilitate a good chat connection and the ability to access a variety of resources.  To enable a compressed training, only learners that meet specific competence prerequisites in Python programming, Python libraries and Statistics will be admitted (see below for detailed pre-requisites).  Users will be encouraged to stick with the training through to completion through:

-Dedicated online support through an online community including a full-time community manager, including a focus on using community chat as a central place to discuss assignments and materials.

-Feedback on performance through points and a leaderboard system, with differentiated results for top users.

Training approach

Learning will be done using a flipped classroom approach with an emphasis on projects of increasing difficulty – learners will be able to use these projects as part of their profile to showcase their skills. Each week, learners will receive a set of learning outcomes for the week, links to content to self-learn and a set of data with a set of exercises to undertake – 4 ‘simple’ questions and a weekend challenge which requires involved analysis.

-Leaderboards will be updated daily, reflecting progress among users and publicly showcasing who is leading. The emphasis will be on celebrating progress and group-support instead of competition.

-An online community will be provided through full-time support from 10 Academy team members.

-Guest faculty will be drawn upon to create a set of relevant, challenging and demonstrative content.

-Content will include topics relating to careers as well as community and social content

A daily schedule will be published and tutors will be available online daily to support learning, answer questions and to support completion of all tasks.

Training is fully online.

Post-training and Job Placement

Our aim is that 100% of trainees completing the training are job-ready.

We aim to secure interviews for top performing trainees with employers looking to hire for real full-time jobs.

Trainees that match into a job via 10 Academy and that earn above a minimum threshold will  be asked to contribute a portion of their salary to allow our not-for-profit program to grow.

All users that complete the training will have:

-A portfolio of projects which they are able to share publicly (including a GitHub repository)

-A certificate from 10 Academy outlining completion and highlighting what was covered in the course

**Please note that there is no guarantee of employment for trainees admitted to 10 Academy

Our value proposition

The core aspect of 10 Academy is the ability to identify exceptionally talented young Africans and provide them with the necessary support, training and connections to take up a job with outsized impact.

The unique value proposition for trainees is called the 6C model.

-Connections – to real jobs for top performers and all trainees provided with resources to enable them to find jobs or freelancing gigs.

-Curated Content – All trainees have access to vetted content that has been verified by experts and which can be accessed without payment.

-Community – Fellow trainees, experts and tutors create a community.  10 Academy staff act as curators and conveners.  Culture and inspiration to be built, including through guest lectures from leaders in the field.

-Certification – All trainees that complete the course will receive certification of what was completed and assignments designed to create a shareable portfolio to demonstrate expertise.

Completeness – All trainees that complete the course secure and can demonstrate the complete range of skills needed for real data science jobs being hired for.

-Cost – Trainees that match into a paying job through 10 Academy that earn above a minimum salary will be asked to make a contribution to the program to allow the program to grow.


Applicants must meet the all of the following requirements to be admitted.

-Have their own laptop available throughout the training period
-Can provide their own reliable data connection through the program (est. 10 GB/month) at their own cost
-Commit to taking part in the entire training at a workload of about 8-10 hours/day Monday-Saturday.
-Want to take up a career in data science after the training is completed
-Meet the pre-requisite skill criteria, comfortable with all of the following:
**Python Programming  – able to write functions, build a simple application and know common libraries including NumPy and Pandas
**SQL programming – able to query databases, use subqueries, joins and aggregations
**Descriptive Statistics – measures of centre and measures of spread
**Inferential Statistics – common sampling distributions, hypothesis testing
**Linear Algebra – matrix manipulation and matrix multiplication

Key Dates

Early 2021 – new course dates announced

Any questions?

Email the team at [email protected]