Get job-ready for a global-level job as a Machine Learning, Data or Web3 Engineer in 3-6 months.

Pay-it-forward when you are getting paid.


10 Academy announces our 5th batch of intensive training

10 Academy’s intensive training enables recent university graduates from anywhere in Africa to get a global-level job as a Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer or Web3 Engineer.


Trainees receive 3 months of full-time intensive training, followed by a 3 month supported job-search phase.

Applications open

01 April - 17 April 2022


25 April - 07 May 2022


09 May - 29 July 2022 

Supported Job

01 Aug - 29 Oct 2022 

Graduate Outcomes - Intensive Training

90% of 10 Academy graduates are working in global careers, mostly in Machine Learning Engineering or Data Engineering.

On average, 10 Academy graduates earn 3x the salary of their peers and get placed into work 7x faster than their peers.

10 Academy graduates are working remotely (and in-person) for companies based in every continent (except Antarctica).


Why AI and Web3

10 Academy’s goal is to identify brilliant young people and get their first job to be as close to the technology leading edge as possible

AI and Web3 offers junior-level jobs within 3-6 months of with intensive study, with the following additional advantages:

  • Thousands of jobs in these fields exist, many of which are open to remote talent.

  • These jobs are very well paid, from entry-level and growing quickly thereafter

  • The impact that an experienced person can make in these fields is exceptional.​

10 Academy bridges two gaps that most fresh university graduates face - no work experience, and difficulty in getting a global-level job in AI or Web3.  We do this by ensuring by working with you until you can prove to a global-level employer that you are ready in key competencies that employers test for.

About our Intensive Training


 Community-rich and with real humans to give you a 5 minute response time to your questions during core hours. 

Challenge based, with challenges designed in close partnership with industry

Focussed not only on getting you job-ready, but on getting you a job  

 Rounded, ensuring that you have the technical, career and job application skills that you need to get and succeed in your careers.


Custom-designed to bridge gaps found from African university graduates.  


Web 2

Python, SQL, and Web Programming


Web 3

Writing and deploying smart contracts


Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning and Machine learning model development and deployment

Data and Analytics engineering

MLOps and AutoML


Applications and interviews for global jobs




 African National 

Available full-time for the entire intensive training period 

Able to buy 15GB of data per month  

 100% access to a laptop for the period 

Has required prerequisite knowledge of Python, SQL, Statistics and Linear Algebra 

Wants to work in the AI or Web3 field after graduation  

Payment Schedule

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Applications for Batch 5 are now closed!

Trainee Testimonals

With 10 Academy, I’ve grown professionally with all skills (technical and non-technical) needed to become a job-ready data scientist. All starting from zero. 10 Academy is a better place for young Africans to start their careers in data science.


Jeanette, Rwanda

10 Academy made a creative, knowledgeable and skilled data scientist from the newbie.  What seemed impossible became possible and all this was through the effect of 10 Academy training.

60be1043fa24fc08b29d3a1e_David Kombo Elvis-p-500_edited.jpg

David, Kenya

I learned from 10 Academy to jump out of my comfort zone. I believe that 10 Academy can change your life too, and upgrade your mindset in ways you cannot even imagine!


Rabiaa, Tunisia

10 Academy jump-started my career by multiplying my skills and determination to work before placing me into a great job.

Glory and gore go hand in hand, but again the on and off switches of the 2 are in your mind – 10 Academy showed me that.

With 10 Academy, the growth was exponential and within weeks I was building my models and even perfecting them.


Nahom, Ethiopia


Ada, Kenya

60be1043e7c08b2f158ad490_Lawal Ogunfowora-p-500_edited.jpg

Lawal, Nigeria


What are the dates for future training?

How much is the pay-it-forward fee?

What is your intensive training?

Who is it for?

What if I haven’t completed an undergraduate degree?

We plan to offer a small number of experimental places to those that haven’t completed their undergraduate degrees.

What is a recent graduate?

Am I guaranteed a job afterwards?



That being said, our data shows that our trainees are in demand from global employers and if you are willing to invest the required effort, we believe that you will get matched.

What’s next when I complete the training?

Do I get a refund of the deposit fee when I fail to complete the training?

Trainees are given 4 first free weeks to decide whether to continue the journey or not. A deposit fee is paid before starting week 5 and it’s non-refundable.

What if I can’t keep up with the workload?

Our trainees' selection is also intensive and invited trainees are qualified. We believe you will manage to keep up with the pace as long as you are fully committed (no side work or studies) as our training is full-time. 

How do I know the field of my focus between Machine Learning, Data Engineering, or Web3?

We recommend that entrants to the program having a strong software engineering background can choose between ML Engineer and Web3 engineering - your 10 Academy projects will expose you to both, and allow you to make an informed decision.


Data Engineering is suitable for candidates without a software engineering background.

When the 12 weeks of training are over, trainees benefit from 12 weeks of a supported job search phase, which is also a full-time commitment.  During this period, trainees strengthen their skills and competencies working on capstone projects, improving on all their training projects, updating their CVs and LinkedIn profiles as well as applying for their fit roles. Throughout this process, trainees keep on receiving mentorship, coaching, and feedback about their jobs application materials.

We prioritize those who graduated recently, and who can commit the full period to make the leap into a AI/Web3 job.

Those with graduate degrees willing to make this leap are also welcome to apply.

Fully-online training, 6 days/week, 8 AM - 2 PM GMT for 12 weeks to get recent African undergraduates job-ready in the field of Data Engineering, Machine Learning, or Web3.

Anyone from Africa that has recently completed an undergraduate degree and wants to become a Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer or Web3.

All pre-requisite content can be learned in advance of the training using freely available materials.

Graduates that complete and match into jobs are asked to pay forward $900US to enable future trainees to attend 10 Academy. This is less than 1.5 months of our placed graduates' median salary. Payback starts once you are earning a monthly salary of $500US or above. 

We tentatively plan a double batch of training 5 September 2022 -  25 November 2022