10 Academy’s training programs prepare you to power the 4th Industrial Revolution.  Our programs are designed to:

-Identify high potential young people

-Provide them with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and networks to be ready for work

-Link top performers with careers

10 Academy’s training programs are currently focussed on Data Science.

Intensive Training

Our flagship intensive training program is focussed on Data Science – this fully online program is 12 weeks long and our next batch is tentatively scheduled for June 2021-Aug 2021.

Training is delivered in small batches (targeting 50 graduates per batch, with a larger pool at the outset) with graduates gaining the necessary skills to start a data science career.  Trainees benefit from a rich community of support, with 40-60 hours of training hours/week (700 hours over the program), including a minimum of 6 daily contact hours with tutors and community managers.


-Training and certification of skills needed to start a data science job, through 12 weekly teaching-learning challenges

-Training delivered by a full-time time of tutors, community manager, IT support and training leads.  

-No lectures.  Intensive support and tutoring complementing your own learning, coding and practice.

-Career placement with smart matching between employer needs and graduate profile.

-Rich contact with a community of fellow learners from across the continent.

-Rigorous selection process which measures current skill as well as prediction of future potential

What do you cover?

Technical Skills

-Coding (SQL, Python)


-Visualization (Tableau, PowerBI)

-Deployment to production

-Extract, Transfer, Load

Non-Technical skills + Attitudes

-Integrating research work into your work

-How to self-learn

-How to be a problem-identifier

-Resilience, stress-tolerance and flexibility

-Complex problem solving

-Analytical thinking and innovation

-Getting details right

Career skills


-CVs and cover letters

-How to plan your career out

-Team work

-Professional communications



-PEP-8 Coding approach

-Software testing

-CRISP-DM Approach

-Communicating results

-Career skills (getting onto the career pathway, growing fast in your career)

What careers will I be prepared to take up after graduation?

-Junior Data Scientist

-Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Engineer

-Business Intelligence + Analytics Analyst

-Machine Learning DevOps Engineer

Selected careers of past 10 Academy grads:

-Data Scientist (London, remote job)

-Full-Stack Developer (Toronto, remote job)

-ML DevOps Engineer (Lagos, in-person)

-NLP Scientist (distributed, remote job)

Who is it for and how will I be selected?

We believe that potential is more important than skill – this is why we measure both as part of our training and assessment process.

Nationalities: Any African country

Graduates who completed undergraduate studies in 2020 or expect to complete in 2021, from any field.  If you can demonstrate pre-req skills without an undergraduate degree, feel free to apply.


-Work Ethic


-Ability to work independently

Pre-requisite knowledge, comfortable with all of the following: 

-Python Programming  – able to write functions, build a simple application and know common libraries including NumPy and Pandas

-SQL programming – able to query databases, use subqueries, joins and aggregations

-Descriptive Statistics – measures of centre and measures of spread

-Inferential Statistics – common sampling distributions, hypothesis testing

-Linear Algebra – matrix manipulation and matrix multiplication

Required inputs

-Have your own laptop available throughout the training period

-Can provide own reliable data connection through the program (est. 10 GB/month) at own cost

-Commit to taking part in the entire training at a workload of 8-10 hours/day Monday-Saturday.

How much does it cost?

10 Academy’s 3-month intensive training program will be priced at our cost of delivery.  Based on employment history with past trainees, we expect that graduates earn back the cost of their training in 2-12 months.

To ensure access for all top performers, regardless of ability to pay, 10 Academy allows top performing trainees to pay for their training once they are earning $500US/month+, at a rate of 20% of income per month to be paid back to 10 Academy.  Once the  training fee is covered, you have no further financial obligations to 10 Academy.

What is the curriculum and daily schedule?

Link to doc

Why should I sign up?

-Full-set of skills that matches with employer needs, with a portfolio of projects to showcase – which skills?  Which project portfolio?

-Innovative learning model – No lectures.  Challenge-driven training.  Flipped-classroom approach.  Intensive tutoring available to support all challenges.  Carefully designed and sequenced challenges to provide the necessary set of skills.  All challenges designed to allow learners to go further.

-Recognition of potential – we publish a weekly leaderboard showcasing where you are, in comparison to your peers.  Those graduating in the top 40% of trainees receive a certificate ‘with distinction’ and get first priority with job placement.

-tenx training system – preparing you for outsized impact.  Pillars include: Community contributions, Demonstration of skill, Work ethic, Career maturity

-Community-rich learning – While our training is fully online, we have a dedicated of tutors and community managers to ensure that your learning is shared with your batchmates.  We aim to have a 5-minute response time to all questions during core-working hours.  Daily standups, ask-me-anythings – learn + have fun.

-Join a community of builders post-training including Guest talks, Mentoring programs and Sharing of resources and jobs

DRAFT Schedule

Registration of interest – Join the mailing list.

**to be announced closer to the training dates**

What sort of feedback will I get

For each assignment, you will receive feedback on your interim submission as well as your final submission.  Feedback will be provided in writing along with a grade.

Tutors and course leaders will be available for discussions on request.

Spoke Training

Open to all, no application required

10 Academy plans to launch massively parallel training available to youth across Africa, to build specific skills towards 4th IR careers.  Engaged learners find sufficient content, motivation and community to rapidly qualify for intensive training or directly enter careers.  All learners benefit from learning specific skills such as software development, machine learning and business intelligence; all learners will also join the 10 Academy community.

  • Monthly teaching-learning challenges – all submissions graded and feedback provided – strong community component to allow trainees to complete the challenge with the support of professional tutors as well as community members.  In person support provided where possible.
  • Guest talks from peers and leaders, streamed live, open to all registered users
  • Listing of curated content by skill, allowing learners to find high-quality crowd-sourced materials to self-teach
  • Overlap with existing student and professional groups that meet in-person.