10 Academy gets motivated

African university graduates

into high-impact jobs.
Applications for Batch 4 are now closed - Please sign up for our newsletter to be apprised of future batches
10 Academy gets motivated

African university graduates

into high-impact jobs.
Applications for Batch 4 are now closed - Please sign up for our newsletter to be apprised of future batches
Training Highly Talented Young Africans for careers with outsized impact

10 Academy is a not-for-profit community-owned project to train highly talented young Africans for careers with outsized impact, those that power the 4th Industrial Revolution.  10 Academy’s has completed 3 batches of training for graduates from 15 countries in Africa and 10 Academy training currently focuses on data science; other fields of study will be added soon.

4th Industrial Revolution for All (4IR4A)

Given the demand for training in data science and other 4IR fields, 10 Academy plans to implement the Fourth Industrial Revolution For All (4IR4A) to reach as many young people as possible, working with existing institutions and systems.

4IR4Awill be a platform to train and inspire all those motivated to get skills for the 4IR, linking higher education institutions, industry, thought leaders and youth.

4IR4Awill start with data science and grow to include blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT),robotics, bio-engineering, quantum computing and others.


Massively parallel training through higher educational institutions (universities and TVETs) and community hubs, through guest talks, monthly challenges and access to specialized self-teaching content.


Focused training of academics and graduate students, enabling 4IR to be integrated into research work and for educational curricula to be updated

Placing (Intensive)

Intensive training of the highest potential young people, leading directly to job placement in data science and other 4th IR careers (current 10 Academy intensive training)


Dr. Yabebal Fantaye,

Yabebal is an award-winning data scientist with extensive research and teaching expertise. He taught at 10 Academy pilot and was recently named WEF Young Scientist, NEF Fellow, Research Chair holder in Data Science and Cosmology

Arun Sharma,

Arun has experience in the development of talent in Africa working with (among others) the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), the Next Einstein Forum (NEF), World Bank, Johnson & Johnson, GIZ, Robert Bosch Foundation and IDRC.

Samuel Fantaye,
President of 10 Academy Corp(USA)

Samuel Fantaye has served in different managerial and leadership roles, and he is currently serving as President of 10 Academy Corp (USA).

Kevin Karobia,
Software Engineer

Kevin is a software engineer / machine learning engineer with a passion for building challenging and impactful solutions. He is a graduate Electronics and Computer engineer from JKUAT university, Kenya

Abubakar Alaro,
Data Science Developer

Abubakar Alaro is a Data Scientist from Nigeria, Abubakar is a graduate of Computer Science at the University of Ilorin. Abubakar uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Abubakar loves cats and enjoys making other people laugh.


- 10 Academy is a not-for-profit community-owned organization which is owned by its members.  At present, the Board is composed of Arun Sharma and Yabebal Fantaye.

- Members meetings are held annually in February and membership is available to 10 Academy alumni as well as to other selected supporters.

- 10 Academy is in the process of acquiring 501c3 status in the United States and charitable status in Europe.


Berhanu Abegaz

Former Executive Director,
African Academy of Sciences

Alex Farcet

Co-founder and Managing Director,  
Startup bootcamp

Dorothy Nyambi

Mennonite Economic Development Agency

Crystal Rugege

Managing Director,
Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Rwanda

Train with 10 Academy

Pay back when you're getting paid. 12 weeks, fully-online training that gets you globally job ready as a machine learning engineering.

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No hiring fees! Hire top graduates based, trained and certified over 12 weeks with 17 competencies. No-risk no-admin internships available.

Job ready for your Machine Learning role

Trained and tested on 17 competencies and 400 skills, aspects of knowledge, ideas and attitudes.

Top 4%

Top 4% of applicants selected from a pan-African talent pool, intensively selected based on speed of learning and long-term potential.

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Employer Testimonials

It’s been enriching to have a 10 Academy graduate on board working with me on a start up. Beyond her obvious readiness for work, I’ve been particularly impressed by her initiative, creativity and approach to problem solving. In a start up context with lots of moving parts, she has demonstrated adaptability, with strong communication, analytical and team work skills.  I would recommend hiring from 10 Academy to others strongly and without hesitation.

Prof. Tolu Oni
Principal, Urban Better

10 Academy has helped us develop an exceptional Data Science team from scratch. The calibre of candidates has been phenomenal and not only enhanced our technical ability but also our company culture. I would absolutely recommend hiring from 10 Academy to others.

Dr. Jacques Kotze
President and co-Founder, Adludio

Our 10 Academy graduate jumped immediately into wrestling with complex research questions without hesitation. From day one, her work has been useful in moving our research project forward.  Her ability to absorb and teach herself information independently is a great asset that enabled her to quickly start producing useful work in a domain that was new for her.  Based on this graduate's high potential, deep work ethic, and high quality work,  I would highly recommend 10 Academy graduates to other employers.

Laura Stupin
Data Science Manager, PivotBio

Non-Discrimination Policy

10 Academy operates a strict non-discrimination policy.

While donors may request that donations are used for a specific purpose, these requests are non-binding. The Directors and Trustees of 10 Academy Corp have complete discretion and control over the ultimate disposition of any contributions received by the organization..