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What is 10 Academy

10 Academy is a not-for-profit community-owned initiative that has developed scalable, financially sustainable, and effective training programs to place young Africans into careers for the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are a US 501(c)(3) registered charity.

10 Academy’s vision is that youth in Africa will have a rich set of pathways to secure decent, impactful, and highly multiplicative employment with social, economic, and environmental benefits.


Our Vision


Our Mission

Building Africa’s workforce in key areas of the 4th Industrial Revolution including Artificial Intelligence, Web3/Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Quantum Computing by identifying, training, and launching the careers of brilliant young people in Africa.


10 Academy jumpstarts the careers of Africa’s highest potential university graduates.


Return on investment and social return on investment indicators.

Since 2017, 90% of 10 Academy graduates have matched into jobs. In the 2020 training batch, 95% of graduates matched into work at an average starting salary 2.5x that of their peers, and started work 7x earlier; graduates of the October 2021 batch are reporting salaries 5x higher. 105 trainees from 18 countries, 38% women have completed their 10 Academy training and have covered 100% of the cost of the 2020 and 2021 training programs through pay-it-forward contributions once they were placed into work. Early results show that for every $1 invested into training, $24 results in annual returns to trainees.

Meet Our Team

Board of Trustees and not-for profit-status

10 Academy’s work is overseen by its Board of trustees. 10 Academy is a registered not-for-profit organization, recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

Technology Advisory Council

The Technology Advisory Council members, individuals as well as corporates, provide support and editorial  support in development of the 10 Academy intensive training curriculum.

Thought Leadership Council


Phil Clay

Former Chancellor, MIT


Alex Farcet

Partner, Rainmaking and Co-founder, Startupbootcamp


Segenet Kelemu

Director General and CEO of International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology


Adeola Ogunwole

Senior Director, sennder Technologies GmbH


Crystal Rugege

Managing Director, Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution, Rwanda


Lisa Shufro

Executive Editor and Chief Storyteller at and co-founder of thesupercurious

The Thought Leadership Council provides support to the 10 Academy team in developing
and implementing its programs.

Partners and supporters
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