10 Academy enables Africa’s highest potential young people to launch their careers with 10x impact. Training with 10 Academy takes place both online (on our UpSkill platform) and via a 4-week in-person Fellowship.

10 Academy is currently focused on nationals of Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda, providing training and connections to paid positions in the field of Data Science.

10 Academy believes that the brightest young people, equipped with the right tools and the right opportunity can go onto have 10x the impact of their peers. This can happen working as an employee, as an entrepreneur or working in the non-profit sector. This has been demonstrated scientifically in many fields of business, arts and sciences.

10 Academy exists to identify these brightest young people, allow them to remotely UpSkill themselves, provide them with in-person training and give them opportunities to have 10x impact.

UpSkill is open to anyone from any nationality who is interested in learning new skills in the field of Data Science.

**Applications are currently closed**

10 Academy is designed to provide high potential young Africans with the training and connections they need to have 10x impact. Why apply to 10 Academy?

1. Distinguish yourself as one of Africa’s highest potential young people
2. Placement into a paid internship in a high performance organization (expected but cannot be guaranteed – 90% past placement rates)
3. No tuition fees or placement charges.
4. Demonstrate your potential and UpSkill yourself on the 10 Academy upskilling platform.
5. Selected Fellows receive one-month of in-person training in modern skills with no tuition and accommodation and meal costs covered. Only transportation costs to/from the training are paid by the Fellow.

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We piloted in 2017, bringing 22 Fellows from 15 countries (55% women) to Ashesi University. These were the top 1% of the 2200 applicants and 90% were working within 3 months of 10 Academy.

Our graduates also launched new initiatives including YouCode (coding+tech social enterprise in Mauritius) and Diagnos (AI health startup which headlined the Global Entrepreneurs Network).

10 Academy is thankful for financial support from Johnson & Johnson, the Wellcome Trust and UNESCO.

**Applications are currently closed – to learn about when applications will open up, signup to our mailing list here.

1. A simple 5 minute application so that we can get to know you a bit. After initial vetting, selected candidates will be admitted to our UpSkill platform.
2. Take your time to complete the further questions and to follow training pathways to be considered for our in-person training sessions for Fellows.

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